There are a range of events and festivals that bring Makkah to life. Discover some of the region’s popular local events and Islamic festivals with the aid of our annual events calendar to learn what’s on during your visit.

Whether you are in Makkah for Hajj or Umrah, explore some of our local events, exhibitions and festivals to learn what’s on during your stay.

Some of most important Islamic festivals of 2023 include:

Ramadan: March 23 – April 21
Eid ul-Fitr: April 21
Hajj: June 26 – July 1
Eid ul-Adha: June 28
Islamic New Year: July 21
Ashura: July 27
Mawlid an-Nabi: September 26

While you are in the Makkah, take the opportunity to take part in local events, view exhibits and displays – both around the city and within Accor’s exceptional exceptional 5-star hotels – and immerse yourself in the region’s heritage and Islamic culture.

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Painting Gallery

Painting Gallery


View traditional and modern Islamic paintings, created by many artists from the region, in the hotel lobby and...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Islamic New Year Event

Islamic New Year Event


Celebrate the Islamic New Year in a traditional Islamic ambiance.

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Saudi National Day Event

Saudi National Day Event


Celebrate Saudi National Day in the hotel lobby and lounge, adorned with green Saudi decorations and touches.

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - India Food Festival

India Food Festival

15/10/2017 - 21/10/2017

Savor delightful dishes from India’s diverse regions. In a magnificent space festooned with Indian touches...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Photography Gallery

Photography Gallery


Enjoy mesmerizing photos taken by talented photographers from the region.

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Oman National Day Event

Oman National Day Event


Enjoy Oman National Day celebrations in the Lobby and Lobby Lounge, decked in the country’s colors of green, red...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - UAE National Day Event

UAE National Day Event


Celebrate the United Arab Emirates’ National Day in the Lobby and Lobby Lounge, adorned with the country‘s...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Bahrain National Day Event

Bahrain National Day Event


Celebrate Bahrain National Day in the Lobby and Lobby Lounge, decorated with the country’s colors and other...

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