Hot weather in Makkah and how to handle it

Are you travelling to Makkah in Saudi Arabia? Be prepared for the weather with these hot tips!

Makkah climate

Like most cities in the Arabian Peninsula, Makkah has a hot, dry desert climate. At the start of summer, around June, the temperature can rise to as high as 47°C (117°F). Summer sees regular sandstorms.

In winter, Makkah enjoys a warm climate with temperatures ranging between 25°C (77°F) during the day and 17°C (63°F) at night. There is some rainfall during winter, plus occasional storms and strong winds.

Top tips for dealing with hot weather in Makkah

Walking or hiking during Hajj or Umrah, especially in the middle of the day, can cause heat stroke. Protect your body from the scorching sun by following these simple tips:

  • Use umbrellas to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Rest between rituals and avoid making more effort than necessary.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn and dry skin, especially before performing sa’ay and tawaf in the afternoon.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (especially Zamzam water!) and avoid fizzy drinks because they can make you feel thirstier.
  • Take a light jacket in case of wind and carry a blanket for overnight stays.
  • Avoid crowds as much as possible in tents and when walking or performing rituals.
  • Of course, stay in a hotel with reliable air conditioning and good ventilation – such as one of the AccorHotels in Makkah.
Bright sunshine over Masjid Al Haram

Crowds and hot weather in Makkah can cause health problems

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