Learn what to wear for the Hajj and Umrah

Do you ever feel confused about what to wear during Hajj or Umrah? Ihram clothing is obligatory during the pilgrimage and is an essential part of entering the state of purity and devotion known as ihram. Here are some essential guidelines to help you plan your clothing.


What to wear for the Hajj

Family of pilgrims wearing ihram clothing


Ihram clothing symbolizes the unity of Muslims and minimizes visible differences between them. Its simplicity and uniformity make it hard to tell the rich from the poor, the rulers from the ruled. Note that you can change ihram clothing at any time if it is torn, dirty, invalid or contaminated by perfume.

Ihram clothing for men

Men’s ihram clothing consists of two white cloths, without seams, hems or buttons.

  • The bottom half, the izar, is wrapped around the waist covering the area between the navel and feet.
  • The top half, the rida, covers the left shoulder at all times. The right shoulder should be exposed while performing the tawaf.
  • Don’t wear underwear, socks or any other clothes, and don’t cover your head.
  • Wear footwear that reveals the ankles and toes.

Ihram clothing for women

Women’s ihram dress is a loose (not tight-fitting) robe covering the whole body.

  • The robe can have seams and buttons, but should be free of adornments or colors.
  • It can be white or black.
  • Your hands and face should remain exposed.
  • Wear shoes that cover the entire foot.

Learn more practical tips for Hajj and Umrah

For more practical advice, see our day-by-day Hajj guide or Umrah guide.

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