Isra and Mi’raj

Commemorate Mohamed (PBUH)'s famed night journey and ascension to Allah (SWT) during Isra and Mi'raj events in Makkah.

You stand before the splendor of the Grand Mosque, its marble façade and soaring minarets bathed by brilliant lights as night falls. The faithful inside are observing the holiday of Isra and Mi’raj. They’re reminded of the night on which The Prophet (PBUH) rode a flying horse-like creature from this spot to Jerusalem for ascension into heaven. There among the immortals, Allah (SWT) instructed Mohamed (PBUH) to pray five times each day.

You continue through the bustling streets of Makkah. Houses are decorated with flowers, candles and electric lights. You have been invited to the home of locals, greeted with warm welcomes and sweet treats. Your hosts have prepared traditional kunafah, cheese pastry in sweet syrup. There’s temptation from maamoul, shortbread filled with dates or nuts. But you don’t overindulge, both out of respect and because you’re saving space for the communal meal. Mofatah Al Dajaj, a dish of succulent lamb over a bed of rice, will soon be served.

After the meal, the family gathers. With wide-eyed anticipation, children await the telling of Mohamed (PBUH)’s fateful journey. His glorious tale is told. The mood is light and celebratory, reflecting the joy that was experienced by The Prophet (PBUH) with an ascension that marked a positive shift in his life at a troubled time. You contemplate your own deepening spirituality, your further understanding of the importance of learning and prayer.

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