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Makkah, the most sacred place in Islam, is the focal point for Islamic religious pilgrimages. Every year, the Saudi Arabian city beckons millions of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims from far and wide to several of its important religious sites that offer interesting glimpse into its formidable connection with the historical past of Islam.

Apart from its rich history and spiritual significance in the Islamic wold, Makkah also offers plenty of remarkable things to do and see for its visitors to partake in.



Kiswa creation for the Holy Kaaba at Al Kiswa Factory


Essential Umrah or Hajj packing list

Your pilgrimage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so don’t ruin it by forgetting an essential item! To help you pack for your Hajj or Umrah experience, here is a quick guide of things you’ll need.

Clothes for traveling and ihram

Take enough clothes for the length of your journey, bearing in mind that you may need to change several times in one day. The weather in Makkah is extremely hot and the rituals often require great physical exertion. Loose clothes are recommended.

Be sure to pack your ihram clothing in your hand luggage, along with pins to fasten it. Again, you may need to change your ihram clothes if they become dirty or torn. A small bag to hang around your neck will be useful for storing your money, phone and documents.

Stay clean and healthy

Cleanliness is extremely important, so carry enough wash towels for the duration of your stay in Makkah. Check you have your toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb and nail clippers. Remember, antiperspirant should not contain perfume. Women should take a small pair of scissors to cut off some hair after leaving the state of ihram.

It is a good idea to take simple medicines such as painkillers and tablets for stomach problems and colds. A small first aid kit is useful and sunscreen is extremely important.

If you have a specific condition such as diabetes or a heart problem, pack a sufficient supply of medicine, along with any devices you use to measure blood pressure and sugar.

Don’t forget your documents!

When your mind is focused on the spiritual side of the pilgrimage, it’s easy to forget important documents: passport, flight tickets, flight schedule, hotel address in Makkah or Madinah, etc.

Last-minute items that are often forgotten include your phone and charger, glasses and contact lenses, sunglasses and a small notebook. Of course, remember to pack a Koran and a booklet of the adhkaar (invocations), plus a guide to Hajj or a guide to Umrah.

It’s a good idea to take sandwiches or other snacks with you in case of a flight delay. Carry anything essential in your hand luggage in case your suitcase is lost or delayed.

How to change into ihram on the plane

Remember that you have to enter ihram before entering the miqat area, even in the air. If you are traveling in normal clothes, keep your ihram clothes in your hand luggage and check at what time you will enter the miqat zone. Plan to change into your ihram clothes at least half an hour before this.

If you forget something…

If you are staying at a 5-star hotel in Makkah and realize you have forgotten something, please ask at reception. With their local knowledge and experience, the staff will help you find a replacement.

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Pack carefully to enjoy stress-free travel to Makkah


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Carry valuable items with you in your hand luggage

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