1-2 Hour Excursions
  • Jannat Al Mu’alla
  • Jabal Al Nour
  • Masjid Aisha
  • Ji'ranah Mosque
  • Aqaba Mosque
  • Masjid Al Jinn
Half-Day Trips
  • Jabal Thawr
  • Factory of Kaaba Kiswa Manufacturing
  • Exhibition of 2 Holy Mosques Architecture
  • Aziziyah District
  • Masjid Al Khayf
  • Assalaamu Aleyka Ayyuhan Nabiyyu Museum
Full-Day Trips
  • Taif
  • Jeddah
Must See
  • Al Madinah

Places to Visit

Make the most of your spiritual journey to Makkah with side trips and excursions. Your tour operator will take you to sites along the pilgrimage route, such as Mina and Arafat. Another must-see city is Madinah, the burial place of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and the home of the magnificent Al Masjid An Nabawi – the Prophet’s Mosque.

Retrace the steps of Allah’s Messenger, or explore destinations that deepen your understanding of Islam. With a group or on your own, whether you have an extra hour or a full day in the Kingdom, discover all of the things to see in Makkah and its many remarkable places.

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Jannat Al Mu’alla

Jannat Al Mu’alla

Not far from The Grand Mosque is the second most famous cemetery in the Islamic world. Jannat Al Mu’alla is...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Jabal Al Nour

Jabal Al Nour

Called the “Mountain of Light” or “Hill of Illumination,” Jabal Al Nour is famous for its...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Masjid Aisha

Masjid Aisha

Aisha Mosque, also known as Taneem Mosque (Masjid e Taneem), is a popular destination for pilgrims, especially...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Jabal Thawr

Jabal Thawr

Jabal Thawr is one of the mountains that surround the valley where Makkah lies. It was within a cave here that The...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Factory of Kaaba Kiswa Manufacturing

Factory of Kaaba Kiswa Manufacturing

The Kaaba has a long history of being covered and adorned. Tradition says it was either the Prophet Ismail (SAW)...



Nestled high in Al Sarawat Mountains east of Makkah, Taif (also written as Ta’if) is a verdant city that abounds...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Jeddah


Travelers and traders have long journeyed to this bustling port city along the Red Sea. A gateway for millions of...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Al Madinah

Al Madinah

Located 400km north of Makkah, Madinah (Medina) is the second holiest city in Islam. After learning of a plot to...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Exhibition of 2 Holy Mosques Architecture

Exhibition of 2 Holy Mosques Architecture

On the northwestern edge of Makkah you’ll find a museum dedicated to treasures from two of Islam’s holiest...

Aziziyah District

Aziziyah is a bustling residential and commercial neighborhood within walking distance of Al Masjid Al Haram. It...

Masjid Al Khayf

This well-known place of worship that sits on the edge of Mina’s tent city is where Mohamed (PBUH) and many...

Assalaamu Aleyka Ayyuhan Nabiyyu Museum

Muslims all over the world revere the revelations, teachings and conquests of Mohamed (PBUH). But who was he? The...

Ji’ranah Mosque

This impressive mosque on the road to Taif is an important place for Muslims, especially those who are preparing...

Aqaba Mosque

The site on Aqaba (Uqbah) Hill on which this mosque is built is sacred to Muslims. According to the traditional...

Masjid Al Jinn

Scores of stories have been told about this curiously named mosque. The most famous of the accounts says that on...

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ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Al Haram

Al Haram

Millions of faithful followers gather at Al Masjid Al Haram every year for prayers and to perform Tawaf, the...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Dining


Looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends? Makkah is not only known for sacred...

ACCORHOTELS Makkah - Local Tips

Local Tips

The Hajj is an obligation for all Muslims who are physically and financially able to travel to this ancient city....

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